Phuket formerly known as Tha-Laang or Talang) is one of the southern provinces (changwat) of Thailand. Neighbouring provinces are (from north clockwise) Phang Nga and Krabi, but as Phuket is an island there are no land boundaries. The island is served by Phuket International Airport, located in the north of the island. The ph of "Phuket" is an aspirated "p", so the name is pronounced (roughly) "Poock-get". The name Phuket is apparently derived from the word bukit in Malay which means mountain or hill, as this is what the island appears like from a distance.

Before that its old name was Ta-lang, derived from the old Malay "Telong" which means "Cape". The northern district of the province, which was the location of the old capital, still uses this name.
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Logo Bank Name Branche Name Branche Address Telephone
  Bangkok Bank Central Festival Phuket 74-75 Moo 5 Chaleamprakiat Rama9 Rd. Vichit Muang District Phuket 83000 Tel : - 
  Bangkok Bank Koleeseum Paradise Phuket 28-34 Talat Yai Muang District Phuket 83000 Tel : (076) 214630,214964-5 
  Bangkok Bank Pa Tong 147 Ratsadornuthit 200 Years Rd. Pa Tong Kathu Phuket 83120 Tel : 0-7634-4906-11 
  Bangkok Bank Phuket 22 Phang-Nga Rd. Talat Yai Muang District Phuket 83000 Tel : 0-7621-6256, 0-7621-1292-5 
  Bangkok Bank Tesco Lotus Phuket 104 Moo 5 Chalerm Prakiat Rd. Ratsada Muang District Phuket 83000 Tel : 0-7625-5128-9 
  Bangkok Bank Thalang 189 Moo 1 Thep Kasatri Rd. Bandon-Chengthalea Thep Kasatri Phuket 83110 Tel : 0-7631-1689, 0-7631-1713, 0-7631-1275 
  Bangkok Bank Thep Kasatri Road 142 Thep Kasatri Rd. Talat Yai Muang District Phuket 83000 Tel : 0-7622-3078, 0-7622-3076 
  Bank of Ayudhya PHUKET BRANCH 64 Rasada Road Talad nie Muang Province Phuket 0-7621-1110, 0-7621-1811, 0-7621-1592, 0-7622-1474, 0-7621-2084, 0-7622-1520, 0-7622-1512, 0-7622-5776, 0-7621-2664, 0-7622-1585
  Bank of Ayudhya PA TONG BRANCH 145 Ras utid 200 year Road Pha thong Kratu Province Phuket 0-7634-0809-10,0-7634-0614-5
  Bank of Ayudhya POON PHOL PHUKET ROAD BRANCH 25/1 Poonphol Road Talad nue Muang Province Phuket 0-7622-1009, 0-7622-1885-6, 0-7622-1146, 0-7622-1284
  Bank of Ayudhya THEP KRASATTRI PHUKET ROAD BRANCH 6/7 M.6 Thep krasatree Road Rasada Muang Province Phuket 0-7623-6337-8, 0-7622-2605, 0-7622-2183, 0-7622-2892, 0-7622-2670
  Bank of Ayudhya KA TA SUB BRANCH 11/1 Kha ron Road Kha ron Muang Province Phuket 0-7633-3518-20
  Bank of Ayudhya TAWEEWONG (PHA TONG) SUB BRANCH 116 Thaweewong Road Pha thong Kra tu Province Phuket 0-7634-6074-6
  Bank of Ayudhya HA YEAK CHA LONG PUKET SUB BRANCH 17/6-7 Moo 8 Chao Pha Ta wan ork Road Cha rong Muang Phuket Province Phuket 0-7638-4034-6
  Bank of Ayudhya KAMALA BEACH PHUKET SUB BRANCH 68/26-27 Moo 3 Kamala Patong Road Kamala Katoo Province Phuket 0-7627-8113, 0-7638-6125
  Bank of Ayudhya CENTRAL FESTIVAL PHUKET SUB BRANCH 74-75 Moo 5 Floor 2nd Vichid Songkharm Road Thambon Vichid Muang Phuket Province Phuket 0-7636-7005-7
  Bank of Ayudhya INDEX LIVING MALL PHUKET SUB BRANCH 76 Moo 5 Chaloemphrakiat Road Province Phuket 0-7621-2619, 0-7624-9511
  Bank of Ayudhya CHOENG THALE PHUKET SUB BRANCH 356/3-4 Moo 1 Sisunthon Road Thalang Province Phuket 0-7632-5062, 0-7632-5139
  Bank of Ayudhya THANON CHALOEMPHRAKIAT PHUKET SUB BRANCH 100/434 Moo 5 Chaloemphrakiat Road Province Phuket 0-7637-6001-2, 0-7626-1521
  Bank of Ayudhya THANON NA NAI PATONG SUB BRANCH 157/10 Na Nai Road Pha Tong Province Phuket 0-7634-5161 , 0-7634-5163-4
  Bank of Ayudhya THANON PATAK (KARON) SUB BRANCH 263,265,267 Patak Road Ka ron Muang Province Phuket 0-7639-8249, 0-739-8250, 0-739-8251, 0-739-8252, 0-739-8253
  Bank of Ayudhya PTT THANON THEPKRASATTRI PHUKET SUB BRANCH 12/12 Moo 2 PTT Thepkrasattri Phuket Road Thepkrasattri Road Kao Kaew Province Phuket -7637-7514, 0-737-7584, 0-7637-7591
  Bank of Ayudhya PHUKET RAJABHAT UNIVERSITY SUB BRANCH 21 Moo 6 PHUKET RAJABHAT UNIVERSITY Muang Phuket Province Phuket 0-7652-3046, 0-7652-3047, 0-7652-3048
  Bank of Ayudhya JUNGCEYLON PHUKET SUB BRANCH 181 Jungceylon Phuket Pha thong Province Phuket 0-7636-6029, 0-7636-6030, 0-7636-6031
  Kasikorn Bank Hat Patong Branch 133,133/1-4 Rat Uthit 200 Year.Rd. Rd. Patong Kathu Phuket 83150 29-4119, 29-4120-1, 34-0447-8, 34-04479, 34-1592-3
  Kasikorn Bank Phuket Branch 14 Phangnga Rd. Rd. Talat Yai Muang Phuket 83000 21-1558, 21-3903-4, 21-6928, 25-6400-1
  Kasikorn Bank Tilok Center Phuket Branch 39/2 Chana Charoen Rd Rd. Talat Yai Muang Phuket 83000 21-8068-9, 21-8070-1, 23-2166-7, 23-2168-9
  Siam Commercial Bank THANONTHAWEEWONG (PATONG) SUB  PATONG THAWEEWONG ROAD, KATHU, PHUKET 0-7634-0162,0-7634-0173 Fax 0-7634-0181
  Siam Commercial Bank KAMALA (PHUKET) SUB BRANCH  KAMALA KAMALA-PA TONG, KA THU, PHUKET 0-7627-9227-8 Fax 0-7627-9229
  Siam Commercial Bank PRINCE OF SONGKLA UNIVERSITY (PHUKET) SUB BRANCH  KATHU WICHIT SONGKHRAM, KATHU, PHUKET 0-7624-9944 ,0-7624-9945 Fax 0-7620-9222
  Siam Commercial Bank PATONG (PHUKET)  PA TONG RAT UTHIT ROAD, KATHU, PHUKET (076) 340467-8,342592-3 Fax:342594
  Siam Commercial Bank THANONNANAI (PATONG) SUB BRANCH  PATONG NANAI, KATHU, PHUKET 0-7629-3093-4 Fax 0-7629-3095
  Siam Commercial Bank THALANG (PHUKET) SUB BRANCH  THEPKASATTREE THEPKASATTREE, THALANG, PHUKET 0-7627-5223-4 Fax 0-7627-5225 Mobile 0-5123-7928
  Siam Commercial Bank HAD KARON (PHUKET) SUB  KARON PATAK ROAD, MUANG, PHUKET (076) 286503-4 Fax 286505
  Siam Commercial Bank KATA (PHUKET) SUB  KARON PA TAK ROAD, MUANG, PHUKET 0-7633-3593-4 Fax 0-7633-3595
  Siam Commercial Bank PHUKET BOAT-LAGOON SUB BRANCH  KHOKAEW THEPKASATTREE, MUANG, PHUKET 0-7620-4104-5 Fax 0-7620-4106
  Siam Commercial Bank PHUKET  TALAT NUE RATSADA ROAD, MUANG, PHUKET (076) 212254-5 Fax:214341
  Siam Commercial Bank THANON CHAO FA (PHUKET)  TALAT NUE CHAO FA ROAD, MUANG, PHUKET (076) 222011-2 Fax:213781
  Siam Commercial Bank SARMKONG (PHUKET) SUB  TALATYAI HONGYOKEUTIS ROAD, MUANG, PHUKET 0-7621-7089,0-7621-7867,0-7621-8405 Fax 0-7621-8809
  Siam Commercial Bank THANON PANGNGA (PHUKET) SUB BRANCH  TALATYAI PANGNGA, MUANG, PHUKET 0-7623-2973-4 Fax 0-7623-2975 Mobile 0-5123-7926
  Siam Commercial Bank THANON THEPKASATTREE (PHUKET) SUB BRANCH  RATSADA THEPKASATTREE, MUANG, PHUKET 0-7624-1449-50 Fax 0-7624-1451 Mobile 0-5123-7927
  Siam Commercial Bank BIG C (PHUKET)  WICHIT CHALERMPRAKEAT ROAD, MUANG, PHUKET (076) 249176-7 Fax 249178
  Siam Commercial Bank CENTRAL PHUKET SUB  VICHIT 0, MUANG, PHUKET 0-7624-9558-9 Fax 0-7624-9560
  Siam Commercial Bank THANONCHAOFA 2 (PHUKET) SUB BRANCH  VICHIT CHAOFA(EAST), MUANG, PHUKET 0-7626-4007-8 Fax 0-7626-4002



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