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Government Housing Bank

 The Government Housing Bank ( GHB ) is a financial institution established under the Ministry of Finance by the Government Housing Bank Act BE 2496. It has been operating for more than 50 years.

The Government Housing Bank's primary objective is providing housing finance for the people of Thailand . The Bank's special focus is providing residential financing for low - and - medium income borrowers .

It opened for business on September 24 , 1953 and it currently has 107
main - branches, 29 branches in Bangkok and adjacent provinces and 78 branches in provincial areas . GHB also has 38 sub - branches and 10 financial service counters throughout the country . The bank offers residential mortgage loans as well as loans for building, extending or renovating existing housing .

From 1988 to 1996 , prior to the Asian financial crisis, the Bank's growth, lending activities, market share and net profits were at very high levels . During the crisis, lending activity slowed with the slumping economy . However, at the tail - end of the crisis, the GHB played a critical role in the Thai government's policy objective of driving economic recovery by reviving a then moribund real estate sector .

With a market share currently exceeding 38 per cent, the GHB is Thailand's leading housing - finance lender .

One of the GHB's main functions is mobilizing funds and then on - lending these funds as affordable mortgages to home buyers . Today, in addition to lending housing funds, the GHB provides financial support to the National Housing Authority and private housing developers in the form of financing, guarantees and discounting housing related credits .

Head Office
Government Housing Bank
63 Rama IX Road, Huaykhwang, Bangkok 10310
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Please send to PO Box 70 , Suthisan Bangkok 10320

Contact Customer Relationship Department
Telephone Number 0-2645-9000 Press 9
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